Events from 1500

A number of noblemen and wealthy merchants build their villas around Kew Green, including Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester, closely associated with Queen Elizabeth I. The only villa to survive from this period is the present Kew Palace built in the Dutch style for Samuel Fortrey.

The people of Benin begin a lasting tradition of sculpture in brass, melted down from objects brought by traders

The lively realism of Kamal-ud-din Bihzad lays the basis of both the Persian and the Mughal schools of painting

Even the remote city of Machu Picchu, on its peak above the jungle, is built in the massively precise Inca style of masonry

Nanak, the first of the Sikh gurus, takes to the road as a wandering teacher

The first watches, made in Nuremberg, are spherical clocks about three inches in diameter, worn usually on a ribbon round the neck

Faenza becomes the main centre for the production of the Italian tin-glazed earthenware known as majolica

Leonardo argues that fossils in rocks far above the sea imply not the effects of the Flood but a change in the level of an ancient sea bed

The female mamakuna and the male yanakuna are selected in childhood to serve the Inca state

The Inca empire has about 25,000 miles of well-serviced roads, designed for caravans of llamas

The manor of East Sheen and West Hall is carved out of the manor of Mortlake, including all that part of Kew that now lies between the river, the A316 and the District railway

The Portuguese establish trading posts in east Africa, on the coast of Mozambique

The Salic law, preventing inheritance of the throne by or through a woman, is by now accepted as a fundamental law of France

Ceramic artists in Italy decorate large majolica dishes with scenes of narrative history, giving this style the name istoriato

The rebuilding of Henry VII's palace is largely completed, after an impressively short time

The 14-year-old Ismail I is enthroned as shah of a new Persian dynasty, the Safavids

Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci sets sail from Lisbon to explore to the south of the New World

Vasco da Gama wins a trading treaty for Portuguese merchants after bombarding the Indian port of Calicut into submission

The marriage of James IV, king of Scotland, to Margaret Tudor, daughter of Henry VII, leads a century later to the Union of the Crowns

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